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Permalink | 0 notes Stomping on flowers (by Emma B)Gothic meets hippie :) 

#gothic #hippie #chunky #stompboots
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tattoo by Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob
Permalink | 0 notes My second post on lookbook, little bit proud of this one as I bought the skirt from a charity and it was size 18 and I took it in :) and it got a really nice length

One more bus home x
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Permalink | 1 note Gothic Lips, so I’ve never wore make up before but recently I’ve been thinking it really does make a look more believable more edgy and thought out, so I started buying making, yeah I admit I was trying take a selfy and manage to get this cool shot, oh how talented I am with my camera (only joking). Thought If share sharing is caring : )
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one more bus home
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Losing fashion

Is fashion something you lose? I feel like I’ve lost it : (!

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Zoe Blyth - Photography 
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I always do this to get a second opinion, but I liked this picture and felt the need to share, as you can’t see my face just my dyed ginger hair! Fight for the ginger! : )

Well thanks for listening
One more bus home